League FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the season start? 

Practice starts around the first of August, the season starts after Labor Day. The season ends in early November with the championship games.

2. How is this recreational league different from community programs? 

This league was established to meet a unique need and encourage participation in football. Playing time is required for all players and teams are generally smaller. Participation is more important than winning.

3. Where and when are the games played?

The schedule is arranged by the league and is released about one week prior to the first game. Games will be held at Hoover East, Hoover Central and the Liberty Park-Sicard Hollow complex in Vestavia. Games will be scheduled mostly on weeknights.

4. What times are the games?

A team will have only one game per week, which will likely be a week night. Weeknight games will begin around 6 p.m. with the 2nd game starting at 7:15 p.m.

5. When will we practice?

Generally, teams practice 3 times a week during the preseason and twice per week once the games start. Usually 1 1/2 hours per practice. You may practice Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. A team may practice in the pre-season on Fridays, but generally do not practice on Fridays during the season. Please be at all practices, your commitment to the team is important.

6. Where will we practice?

Practice will be at a Field in Vestavia such as the Cahaba Heights' fields, but the final location is to be determined.

7. How much will my son play?

This league requires that all kids on the team have a starting position and participate in a minimum of 50 percent of the action. Positions will be decided by the team's coaching staff. Players that do not show up for practice can have playing time reduced.

8. What equipment does the park provide? 

The League provides HELMETS and a GAME JERSEY

9. What equipment must I provide?

You must provide a MOUTHPIECE, SHOULDER PADS, PRACTICE JERSEY, PRACTICE AND GAME PANTS, PANT PADS, ANY ARM PADDING, and SHOES. These may be purchased at any sporting goods store.

10. How are teams chosen? 

Players will be evaluated by the coaches during June. The league will organize the teams or conduct a draft to ensure equal distribution of talent. 

11. What is the refund policy? 

Refunds will be available until teams are formed (generally around June 30).  Once teams are formed and families have been notified, registration fees will be retained by the league.  This is due to the strain put on the coaches, administrators, and other affected families should teams need to be altered.